Summer at Hillingdon

The past few weeks have been spent weaning lambs & working cattle.

Ewes & lambs were gathered from the pastures so lambs could be weaned. Ewes & lambs were drenched, & lambs were vaccinated. Ewes returned to the pastures, & lambs were put in the feedlot where they are fed a prepared ration. Having the lambs on feed in the feedlot keeps them in good condition & makes them readily available to sell for key Muslim holidays.

Cattle have recently been gathered pasture by pasture so calves could be worked for the first time. Working calves includes ear tagging, vaccinating, treating for internal & external parasites, & castrating most bull calves. Bulls & cows also received a round of antibiotics & were treated for internal & external parasites.

Snip had {another} litter of puppies on July 6th. She has her paws full with seven puppies demanding her time & attention, but she has some little guys willing to help her at times. 😉 This makes Snip’s third litter in about one year!