One family; 130 years of stewardship

On October 7th, we celebrated 130 years of Hillingdon Ranch. Judge Darrel Lux {Kendall County Judge} even proclaimed October 7th as HILLINGDON RANCH DAY in Kendall County!

130th Proclamation

The day’s festivities were kicked off with a welcome by Robin Giles & a prayer by Laura Giles Mullen.


Family & friends enjoyed a BBQ & lamb meal, followed by lots of visiting & reminiscing, viewing the 50’+ family tree, walking around the barns & working pens, & viewing a slideshow of pictures…

We’re thankful to be a part of something so unique! As Robin said at the celebration…

‘Grandpa had to have instilled something in his children that they instilled in us, & we are attempting to instill in our children & grandchildren.’

‘Since Grandpa divided his land with his brother-in-law in 1917, the Giles heirs have not sold a single piece of Hillingdon Ranch in 130 years…’

‘We have an extreme appreciation of each other & the fact that if any of us did sell, it would be so detrimental to the rest of the family. We have such an appreciation of each other that I think that’s the reason it’s stayed together.’ 

Thanks to everyone for being a part of such a special day!

Thanks to Kyle Porter, Walter Royse, & Marla Sonsel for the photos.

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