Calves, Rams, & Billies

Over the past several weeks, things have been a bit noisy around the ranch. Calves have been weaned from their mothers, so they’re sure to let us know how they feel about it. Cows & calves ball for each other, but it doesn’t take them long to figure out that they can survive just fine without each other.

Calves are about 8-9 months old at weaning. We vaccinated the calves with a booster shot, treated them with a pour on solution for internal & external parasites, and branded them.

All calves received an ‘HIL’ brand, while some heifers & all bulls received a number brand as well {corresponding to their ear tag}. Heifers that will most likely be retained for ownership received a number brand. These heifers were selected based on visual appeal, as well as pedigree records.

At weaning, cows are about 4-5 months bred. It is important that the cows have a break from nursing a calf in order to provide adequate nutrition to the growing fetus inside of her.


November meant time to gather rams & billies in order to be put with ewes & nannies for breeding season. Once gathered, we sorted them based on conformation, structural soundness, & desirable wool & mohair characteristics. We then put them out in various pastures with our ewes & nannies. Ewes & nannies should begin lambing in April.

2 Replies to “Calves, Rams, & Billies”

  1. Thank you for including us in your newsletter distribution. We always enjoy hearing about the happenings at the ranch. It’s really neat to know that the ranch continues to be a working one in the same family over the years.

    We wish you and your family a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! Blessings, Joyce



  2. Thank you for sending this info!! Always learning things on the ranch life. Love the photos as well.

    Have a blessed holiday season.
    Mom & dad


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