Shippin’ & Snowin’

On November 17th, we shipped 83 steers to the Noble Research Institute in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Noble Research Institute

These steers will spend the next several months grazing different plant varieties that are being tested for grazing as well as bio-fuel potential. Once the grazing trial is complete, the decision will then have to be made whether to sell the steers at auction or to retain ownership through the feedlot stage. Factors that will effect that decision are available feed and pasture, feed costs, cattle prices, and projected profitability in the feedlot.

A big advantage to retaining ownership through the feedlot stage is that we receive carcass data on each animal. This is advantageous in evaluating sires (bulls) & dams (cows) & determining future breeding plans. In times that demand reducing our stocking rate, carcass data can also help us decide which animals to liquidate.

On December 7th, it snowed! We don’t receive much snow here at the ranch, so anytime we do it is a bit exciting. We are thankful for the 2″ of rain/moisture that we received last week.

Merry Christmas from Hillingdon Ranch!