Selling, Sustainability, & Recognition

At the beginning of August, we sorted through the ram lambs that had been in the feedlot since weaning {June}. These lambs were fed a prepared ration in order to gain weight at a quicker rate.

We selected 19 keeper rams & decided to sell the remaining 175. On August 6th, we sold those ram lambs at the Gillespie Livestock Auction. This was a key sale since it was just before Eid-Ul-Adha, the Muslim Festival of Sacrifice.

This festival remembers the prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son when God ordered him to in a dream. As Ibrahim prepared to kill his son, God stopped him & gave him a sheep to sacrifice instead. During this festival, Muslims sacrifice domestic animals {usually sheep} as a symbol of Ibrahim’s sacrifice.

All ewe lambs {182} are still in the feedlot. Some will be kept for ourselves, while the remainder will be marketed to other ranchers for their sheep operations.


The 104th annual convention of the Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Association {TSGRA} was held in Kerrville in mid-July.

Presentations, demonstrations, & discussions about issues relevant to the sheep & goat industry were a big part of the conference. Grant served on the ‘Sustainability’ panel. This panel discussed the importance of meeting consumers’ needs in regards to food & fiber.

The goal of sustainable agriculture is meeting those needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Consumers, more than ever, want to know where their food is coming from & be assured that it’s being grown in an environmentally friendly way. It’s important for farmers & ranchers to share their story & reassure consumers that their practices are humane & environmentally friendly.

Sustainable agriculture is more than a collection of practices. It is also a process of negotiation: a push & pull between the sometimes competing interests of an individual farmer or of people in a community as they work to solve complex problems about how we grow our food & fiber.


Congratulations to Grant for being selected as the 2019 recipient of the TSGRA Young Ranchers Award! Grant was selected for this award in appreciation for his outstanding efforts to promote the sheep & goat industry of Texas.

Events like this provide a great opportunity to visit, catch up, & learn from others in the agriculture industry.